Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honor to host the 7th Conference of Poecillid biologists in Norman, Oklahoma in May 24-26, 2017.


After it had been hosted by several groups in Europe and Trinidad, this is the first meeting in the USA. We are excited to have a large group of scientists visiting the University of Oklahoma. OU is home to several people working on livebearing fishes, including Edie Marsh-Matthews and Ingo Schlupp.


Why come?

Each and everybody interested in any aspects of the biology of livebearing fishes should attend. Poeciliids are used as model species for many different questions including (and not limited to), genomics, genetics, cancer research, morphology, life-history evolution, systematics, taxonomy, behavior, ecology and evolution. This meeting is totally open to every aspect of livebearing fishes – and even if you are interested in livebearing organisms per se, this will be a good meeting for you.


Contact us

For any questions relative to the conference please use the following e-mail address: